Do you even warm up?

Foam rolling

Did you know that one of the most common causes of injury is previous injury? How much attention are you currently paying to effectively warming up before working out? At Xpeed we definitely recommend some foam rolling followed by dynamic movement prep exercises like hip extensions, active hamstring stretches and…

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Should young athletes lift weights?


As a fitness equipment supplier across Australia a question we get asked a lot is “should kids lift weights”? First things first here’s a few reasons why children should exercise in general. It improves cardiovascular health, develops muscle strength, decreases body fat, increases concentration and alertness, can reduce symptoms of…

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5 simple ideas for workplace wellness


As a former Wellness Manager in the corporate environment our Head Trainer at Xpeed, Simon Mitchell, knows the benefits of Workplace Wellness very well. A few years ago a report was released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealing the top ten industries making Australians overweight or obese.  Amongst the top three…

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